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Studs - 2x4 and 2x6 in regular and custom PET lengths.  HF, SPF and Pine stocked in reload warehouses in NM and TX.  2x8 and wider studs available by special order.

Truss Lumber - All sizes and species of web stock and cord material.

Dimension Lumber - 2x4 through 2x12, all grades and species.  SPF and HF #2 & Btr stocked in reload warehouses in NM, CO and TX.

Common Boards - C&Btr through #5 Common in Spruce and Ponderosa Pine.  S4S or S1S2E

Pallet / Crate Material - Economy and Utility grades, 2x4 through 2x12.  Mill Run Rough Cants, Timbers and Boards.  Cut Stock.  HT stamping available upon request.

Industrial Lumber - Shop grade, Moulding grade and furniture grades in 4/4 through 8/4.

Other Items - Furring strips, pattern stock, etc.  Call us.  We can find it!








Lumber Specials    1/2/18  

TL  2x4  16'  1650 MSR SPF KD PW     $635   Albuquerque  On Hand

TL  2x4  10'  Economy WW KDHT     $350   Phoenix, AZ   On Hand


Lumber Market Commentary    

Lumber markets started the New Year on a slightly positive note.  Mills were pleasantly surprised at the level of activity from buyers last week, given the fact that it was the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, which is usually very slow.  The most significant rumor that was floating around last week, was that some of the 2x4 #2 Eurospruce in ports on the east coast and gulf regions, was found to be off-grade by ALS, and re-inspections of the lumber forced the sellers to pull it off the market.  At the same time, new duties on Canadian lumber took effect on December 28.  This forced many buyers to jump in and buy 2x4 #2 Canadian SPF to cover their short-term needs.  As a result, 2x4 #2 SPF prices, which had been dropping, actually moved up around $5 per mbf.  Other species, such as #2 White Fir soon followed.  As a result of the higher prices for #2 SPF, 2x4 MSR prices moved up also.  Studs moved in different directions, depending upon the specie and trim.  All species of 2x4-8’ were generally weak, and prices drifted lower.  2x4-9’ trims, however, were very strong and prices moved up.  Some mills that we spoke with were forcing their customer to take 2x4-8’ trims with their purchases of 2x4-9’ in order to keep them moving.  2x6 studs followed the same pattern.  8’ trims were weak while 9’ trims were strong.  Low grade prices firmed up last week, following a couple of weeks of declines.

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