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Sheathing - Rated and non-rated OSB and plywood sheathing available in all sizes 1/4" through 3/4".  Plywood available in both Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine.  4x8 asphalt impregnated sheathing available by special order.

Sanded Plywood - 4x8 AC sanded Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine plywood available in all sizes from 1/4" through 3/4".  4x8 BC available by special order.

Flooring - Sturdi-floor rated OSB and Plywood flooring available in all sizes from 5/8" through 1-1/8".  Full-face T&G available by special-order.

Forming Panels - 4x8 3/4" Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine BBO&ES Plyform.  4x8 3/4" MDO Plyform.  Special sizes and HDO Plyform available by special order.

Specialty Panels - Marine grade plywood, overlay and melamine panels, MDF, MDO and HDO panels, sign-board, poly-styrene panels with or without foil facers

Other Items - Call us.  We can find it!








Panel Specials   1/2/18

TL  4x8  7/16" OSB Rated Sheathing     $335     El Paso, TX   Week of 1/15

TL  4x9  7/16" OSB Rated Sheathing     $335    El Paso, TX    Week of 1/15

4 units   4x8  3/4"  MDO Plyform 1-Sided      $1210     Albuquerque, NM     On Hand

4 units   4x8  23/32" AC Sanded Plywood Fir     $1075     Albuquerque, NM     On Hand


Panel Market Commentary   

Panel markets were surprisingly strong last week.  4x8 7/16 OSB prices moved up out of the south, while northern prices remained firm.  On an FOB delivered basis, southern 7/16 and 15/32 OSB is still significantly cheaper than northern OSB into markets in Texas, NM, Arizona and So. Cal.  Plywood sheathing prices moved up again on strong mill demand.  Premium panel prices were mostly unchanged.

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