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Market Report   12/9/17

Steel Concrete Reinforcing markets were quiet, but prices remained on an upward tilt.  Imported rebar for January is being quoted around $1.00 per cwt higher than the November prices that we saw.  At the same time, scrap steel prices moved up last week.  We are yet to find any importers who own rebar at the older November prices.  Most dealers have not yet bought rebar for the first quarter, so at this point, the downside risk seems to be minimal, and prices will likely move up.  With the higher scrap prices being quoted, domestic producers will likely raise their prices also.  Remesh prices remained unchanged, but with higher scrap prices, we expect the mills to try to raise prices for January.

At Kruse Enterprises, we are distributors for the complete line of products from ST Fastening Systems.  Please call us for:

Metal Roofing Screws (both painted and galvanized) for wood or steel framing applications (WoodBinder or SteelBinder Screws)

Roofing Recovery Screws

Roof Jacks  (both round roofjack and square roofjack)

ST Closure Strips, ST Grommets and ST Polyurethane Strips

Snow Trax, Novatape and Tacky Tape

Acrylic and Urethane Roofing Sealants